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Quilting & Sewing Tutorials Dressforms

Tutorial: How to choose the Dritz dressform that is right for you

Dressforms, How to Choose

Determine which Dritz® dressform is right for you! In this tutorial you will learn about the six different styles of Dritz® dressforms that are avaiable, and how each is unique.

Dritz Tutorial: How to Choose a Dressform
Dritz tutorial: how to pad and cover your dressform

Dressforms, How to Pad and Cover

In this tutorial you'll learn how to fine tune your Dritz® dressform by adding padding to personalize it to mirror your body's shapes and curves. We'll teach you how to cover it, and add design markings as well.

Dritz Tutorial: How to Pad and Cover a Dressform
Dritz tutorial: how to use your dressform and adjust to match your measurements

Dressforms, How to Use

Learn how to use a Dritz® dressform, including how to set it up, and how to adjust the dressform measurements to match your own measurements. This tutorial explains how the various adjustment dials work and how to get the most out of your dressform.

Dritz Tutorial: How to Use a Dressform