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Learn how to use Dritz® Curtain Grommets when making DIY curtains, sheers, totes and more. It's easy! Mark the center position of grommet on your fabric layer(s). Position the template over center mark and trace slots; cut out the hole. 

See how to use Dritz® two-piece double-cap rivets to secure multiple layers of fabric, or to attach belting or straps onto bags or other items. The double-cap feature of these rivets provides a finished appearance on both sides of your project. 

See how to use Dritz® fashion grommets for garments, accessories, and other sewing projects to add a decorative detail or to create a functional opening for lacing or straps. Fashion grommets feature a smooth, rubberized texture and feel, allowing sewists and DIY makers to achieve a professional finish on handmade items such as: bags, totes and purses; tops, blouses and dresses; jackets, belts and Cosplay items.

Personalize bags, totes, aprons, handkerchiefs, linens, pillows, baby bags, blankets and more with Dritz® Iron-On Lettering.

See how to use the Dritz® Little Miss My Double dressform for making clothes for children ages 6-10; it's perfect for moms and seamstresses who sew garments for children or for kids who are already beginning to design and sew their own clothes. With twelve rotating dials, adjustments can be made in precise increments at chest, waist and hips. A children’s version of the My Double, it features a neck with a pin cushion, a pin hem marker for accurate and even hems, a sturdy tripod base that folds for compact storage and fuchsia foam-backed nylon cover for easy pinning and marking.

See how to assemble a Dritz quilter's floor frame! Made from lightweight PVC plastic, the floor frame adjusts from 29 inches to 35 inches (73.66 cm to 88.9 cm) in height. Easy to assemble, it tilts to four comfortable angles. White plastic covers help adjust fabric tension, and the entire frame is simple to take apart, transport and store. It’s even easy to move when assembled.

See how to use the Dritz® Slide Buckle Set to make your own 1 inch (2.54 cm) belt using belting, elastic or fabric for the strap. The buckle is adjustable and suitable for all ages and genders. With a buckle and two tips, this DIY belt set is a quick and easy project. To make additional belt straps for the same buckle, pick up an additional package of Dritz® belt tips. 

Learn how to make a fabric covered button for garments, accessories and home décor using Dritz® Cover Buttons and the Dritz® Cover Button Templates.

Learn how to make a pair of DIY espadrilles using Dritz® Espadrilles jute soles, fabrics and sewing supplies - a fun sewing project! 

Learn how to use the Dritz® 2-Directional Lint Brush. Its knapped fabric helps remove lint, pet hair, small fibers and dust. Drag rough side of knapped-fabric against garments and upholstery. Use lever to change direction of the lint brush. After cleaning the fabric, slide the compartment open and empty into trash can.

Learn how to use the Dritz® Clothing Zipper Repair Kit to replace broken or worn zipper sliders on jeans, jackets and coats.

This visual tutorial shows the easiest way to darn with the Dritz® Darning Egg. Use it to mend socks, sweaters, throws, knit furniture covers and more.

This video shows how to use a Dritz® Needle Compact by turning the compact to initially break the tab and then turning the compact to choose a needle or secure them for storage.

See how to use the Dritz quilter’s floor frame to lap quilt larger areas faster without having to stop and readjust as much as you would if you were using a smaller hoop. The floor frame adjusts from 29 inches to 35 inches (73.66 cm to 88.9 cm) in height and tilts to four comfortable angles. The four plastic clamp covers help adjust fabric tension, allowing the fabric to be as taut or loose as you like. The lightweight frame is simple to take apart, transport and store. It’s also easy to move when assembled.

Learn how to use a Dritz® Seam Ripper to open a buttonhole, remove, stitches or open seams.

Use a Dritz® Waistband Expander to provide extra comfort for tight-fitting waistbands.

Use a Dritz® LoRan® Sure Grip Hoop when working a variety of embroidery projects such as cross stitch and crewel. Its unique design holds fabric taut while working, and it prevents slipping. The concave edge on the inner ring grips the convex edge on the adjustable one.

Learn how to use the Dritz® Beeswax with Holder to prevent thread from tangling when hand sewing. Lay your thread end over the holder and hold lightly with thumb; pull thread through a slot to coat. Dritz® Beeswax will not stain or discolor thread.

See how to feed fabric strips that are cut on the bias (diagonal grain line) into Dritz® Bias Tape Makers to make bias tape. The tape is then used to bind the edges of quilts and other craft or sewing projects. 

Learn how to use Dritz® Denim Iron-On Patches to repair a tear, worn area or hole in denim clothing. Patches may also be cut into designs and applied for a decorative touch.