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News Archive: 2015

Scrap Busters & Easy Projects

Hexi Key Fob Scrap Buster Project using Dritz Key Fob Hardware and Paper Piecing Shapes

Resolve to sew.

It's that time again - time to start anew with plans and goals for the coming year. For us creatives, that typically means getting our spaces cleaned up and ready for new projects. 

To get you going on the right track, how about a sewing project that uses some of the fabric scraps you've vowed to use before buying more? Check out the Dritz® key fob hardware and hexi paper piecing shapes we used to make this hexi key fob project. We've got several easy sewing scrap busters on our blog that will help you brush up on basic sewing skills, clear out scrap fabrics, and get ready for a fabulous 2016 filled with sewing!

Get organized, and get sewing.

Dritz bobbin ring organizes and stores sewing machine bobbins

Get Organized

Machine tools & accessories you need.

Nothing's better than a happy sewing machine. Do yours right by making sure she's cleaned up and ready to roll. Check out our collection of sewing machine maintenance items, bobbin storage solutions and machine tools. It'll feel really good to get situated, promise.

Dritz Heart Pearlized Pins

Share the Love

A Valentine's gift for yours truly.

A little reminder that if you want to treat yourself on Valentine's Day, these sweet pins are the perfect treat - you will love them all year long! Of course, if you want to make and give something special for Valentine's Day, we've got some cute project ideas on our blog, too. Love for all! 

Dritz mitten clips and elastic for kids mittens

Keep Little Hands Warm

And mittens from getting lost.

Dritz® mitten clip hardware and knit elastic are all you need to ensure your little one's hands stay toasty! This is a super easy sewing project that you will feel good about accomplishing. Pair the clips with a store-bought pair of mittens or gloves that you know won't go missing this season! Bonus.

Dritz Sewing sew-on toggles and screw together grommets

New Dritz® Sewing Sneak Peek

Need? Want? Must-have!!

The new Dritz® sewing items are almost here - late February 2016 is the reveal date. Want to hear about them first? Follow us on our social media platforms, and sign up for our newsletter for early-breaking product alerts. Don't be late to the party.

Dressforms: New Products, New Tutorials

Dritz Dressforms - several styles for garment sewing

Just in time for Christmas giving – or receiving.

They’re a hot ticket this time of year – Dritz® Dressforms. Why? If you sew garments, a dressform is indispensable – after all, it’s pretty difficult to design or fit clothing without one. Luckily, we have several styles of Dritz® dressforms for you.

Our new Lady Valet forms are perfect to display; you’ll use our Little Miss My Double child-sized form when sewing kids’ clothing.

Three new tutorials answer all of your questions related to dressforms: we’ll teach you how to choose, use, pad and cover them.  

Oh, Santa, I promise I’ve been good.

Joy DIY wall hanging made with Dritz sewing supplies

Seasonal Wall Hanging

Oh joy! Get festive.

Dritz® cable cord and foldover braid trim are the unexpected materials you’ll use to make this holiday wall hanging. Get creative with other words or sayings and you can enjoy the art all year long. What fun!

Sew Adorkable TRAWRzers PJ pants

Cozy PJs

Wear ‘em Christmas morning.

We love these pants. They’re called TRAWRzers and we made ours using Dritz® waistband elastic. You can make the pants from your favorite pattern or add the scales to a store-bought pair.  Genius.

Dritz Quilting twill tape labels - perfect for giving handmade

Twill Tape Labels

It's a wrap.

Is your gift handmade? Make sure the lucky recipient knows it! Dritz® twill tape labels proudly announce that this gift is “created for you” or “made with love.” 

Dritz Sewing Basket with sewing supplies

Sewing Baskets

A really nice gift.

Yes, sewing baskets do make the perfect gift – and we’ve got several new ones for you. Grab one and load it with some sewing notions and you’re good to go. Best gift ever! (You’re welcome.)

Halloween Ideas for Kids, Costumes & Trick-or-Treating

DIY candy corn trick-or-treat bag

Make these easy projects for the big night.

Fall is here and we know you’re geared up for making! The good news is, we’ve got some tried-and-true projects to recommend. Take a look – these projects are clever, easy and economical!

Ready to make something?

box with tape measure bow

Celebrate Sewing Every Day

10 things you can make with tape measures.

This modest sewing notion has a split personality: functional measuring tool on the one hand, cool crafting/DIY material on the other. Check out the projects on our blog and see how to use tape measures for jewelry, wall décor, accessories and more.

purse made with Dritz sewing hardware and Vintage Made Modern fabrics

It's Vintage Made Modern

New fabrics & functional hardware are a great pair.

Love this purse? We made it to celebrate the new line of Amy Barickman / Indygo Junction fabrics: Vintage Made Modern. We had fun dressing it up with Dritz® D-rings, snaps and cotton belting. Lovely indeed.

Dritz DIY espadrilles for kids

Dritz Espadrilles

Great with jeans or a Halloween costume.

Tell us you’ve seen the new Dritz® Espadrilles. They’re new. They’re easy to sew. You need a pair! Check out our video and blog to learn more. (And if you just want to make the kids’ espadrilles shown – here they are!)

bag with Dritz hardware Does it Again

Make this bag with Dritz hardware.

Our friends at Sew4Home made this fantastic bag using Dritz® hardware and a whole lot of style. It’s a great sewing project for fall – be sure to check it out.

Product Scoop: Dritz DIY Espadrilles

Dritz DIY Espadrille shoes: cut, sew & stitch

Creative kicks in just about two hours.

If you’re a maker or sewist looking for the latest and greatest accessory to call your own, step out in a pair of Dritz Espadrilles. It’s a brand new collection of shoemaking products and it’s super exciting. Why? Because in just about two hours you can make espadrilles that are totally unique. We’ve got jute espadrille soles, fashion fabrics and some well-curated sewing supplies that are essential for shoemaking.  Young fashionistas can sport handmade espadrilles, too – the soles are available in adult, kids and toddler sizes.

This classic summer shoe is yours for the making.

Dritz Espadrilles fabrics

Fashion Fabrics

For fabulous feet.

Fashion fabrics in solids, stripes and polka dots should get the wheels turning. Choose lining fabrics for the inside of your espadrilles; they coordinate nicely with the fashion fabrics in color and scale. Both are 100% cotton and come in a package of 16” x 22” – perfect for one pair of espadrilles.

Glass head pins hold fabric in place on Dritz DIY Espadrilles

Glass Head Pins

Long and strong.

In the course of making DIY espadrilles, we discovered some sewing supplies that make certain tasks easier. For example, holding the fabric in place on the soles is best accomplished with the Dritz Espadrilles glass head pins. They are extra strong and have a longer length to penetrate fabric and soles.

Dritz Espadrilles kids, toddler and adult jute soles

Jute Espadrilles

Soles with soul.

Fun for the whole family here! You can make espadrilles for yourself, or kids and toddlers. Each style comes in a variety of sole sizes and each package contains complete instructions and sewing patterns. Jump to the item page for the size you wish to make and you’ll find the PDF files right here on our website, too!

Dritz DIY Espadrilles shoes

Personalize & Customize

It's all you.

What will you do with your espadrilles? Buttons? Embroidery? Elastic? Matching or contrasting fabrics and yarns? Need some ideas? Check out our Espadrilles Pinterest board  - we’ve been pinning all kinds of espadrilles to get you inspired.

Things to Make this Summer

Dritz fabric cuff bracelets

DIY inspiration for summer accessories, décor & kids' stuff

The temperature is going up, but the mood is chill. Days are slower paced, kids are out of school, and summer parties, weddings and graduations are slated. Want to inject some DIY into all this warm-weather goodness? Start by making yourself some fabulous cuff bracelets. They're the most shared project on our blog! Make them fresh with bright fabrics – they're easy to sew and fun to wear.

Get into the swing of summer sewing.

Dritz Summer Projects: bow ties

Easy-Sew Bow Ties

Your dude needs one.

Paired with a crisp shirt and some seersucker, a bow tie is the perfect summer accessory. The new Dritz bow tie set has the hardware you need to make adjustable ties. Check out our blog for bow tie instructions plus tips on which fabrics to use.  So perfect for many summer affairs! 

DIY bouquets with Dritz elastic and pins

DIY Floral Bouquets

Ruched elastics + pins make it happen.

Make some dynamite bouquets that are super simple, but super impactful too, with just a couple key ingredients. You’ll need fresh-cut flowers, Dritz ruched elastic and petite pearlized pins. See how here. Have a lot of plain vases in your stash? Make them more special by wrapping them in burlap or cable cord – a clever way to enjoy your blooms.

Dritz fashion bra straps

How Strapping

Fashion straps add sparkle and support.

If you’ve got a summer dress or formal gown that needs straps, we’ve got some really cute options for you! Dritz fashion straps come in many styles – clear, pearly and sparkly – they look great and keep your dress in place! Other summer must-haves include: adhesive bras and petals, and Place Me Perfectly tape. Don’t get caught without them! 

Dritz Espadrilles are a great summer DIY project

Media Folder

DIY Espadrilles

Sew a pair of creative kicks.

The classic shoes of summer are here and they're yours for the making! Step out in a pair of Dritz® Espadrilles: our brand new collection of shoemaking products includes everything you need to make espadrilles for yourself, toddlers and kids. A super summer sewing project for sewists looking for something new to make!

50 New Dritz Sewing Items

50 New Dritz Sewing Items

Introducing the latest & greatest Dritz sewing supplies!

Looking for some clever new sewing tools to freshen up your collection of sewing supplies? Or do you have some sewing projects begging for a special fastener? Check out our exciting arsenal of brand new Dritz items – you'll find colorful new elastics, specialty straight pins, and novel tools and fasteners to make your sewing easier and more fashionable.

(Really like the new items shown in the image at the left? Jump right to them here: Seam Fix™ seam ripper, ruched elastic, pearlized heart pins, Twist 'N Select™ needle storage tube.)  

Solutions & innovations for modern sewing.

Dritz suspender mitten clips and slide adjusters

Suspender Clips & Slide Adjusters

Dapper, indeed.

Young dudes and mature gents alike will be lookin’ good in DIY suspenders made with new Dritz suspender clips in black or white. New slide adjusters provide the perfect fit for suspenders (and other straps). They work with 1” fabric, elastic or webbing.  

New Dritz ruched, ruffled and FOE elastic


Ruched, ruffled & FOE.

Wow! Still a lot of crafting going on with elastics! New ruched elastic has soft, romantic pleating and is available in 9 colors. We’ve rounded out our range of FOE and ruffled elastics with new colors, too. Need ideas? Our blog is loaded with elastics inspiration – you’ll find loads of projects, usage tips and more.

Dritz straight pins

Straight Pins

For specialty DIY & crafts.

New Dritz straight pins have specific purposes for specialty DIY endeavors. You’ll use map pins for pin art or commemorating travel. Petite pearlized pins have short shafts for floral crafts. Long pearlized pins and heart pearlized pins address general sewing needs, while being just plain pretty. Our blog shows these new pins in use.

Dritz tab closures

Tab Closures

Fab fasteners.

If you’re making your own garments or accessories, don’t they deserve special fasteners? Our new tab closures (in brown and black) add just the details you need – they’re unique and on-trend! Our blog shows you how to sew them on using a sewing machine and clear thread

Celebrate Needlecraft

Loran embroidery tools and Dritz cover buttons

Fresh and modern is the name of the game.

Now is the time for needlecraft! There is so much going on in the world of needle and thread – isn’t it exciting? Popular embroidery designs are clean and colorful, with simple stitches that are easy to master. Traditional techniques are married with modern colors and fibers to create the perfect aesthetic. Our stable of Loran stitchery tools provides organization, innovation and comfort while you stitch.   

Are you in love yet?

Loran needle puller

Loran Needle Puller

That feels good.

Our new needle puller pulls and grips needles keeping your fingers and/or thumb comfy. There are two pullers per package, so you can find the combination that works best for you (wear on finger or thumb only, or wear both simultaneously). What a relief!

Loran magent board

Loran Magnet Board

Create a better work space.

It’s more fun to stitch when you have a work space that is organized. Counted cross stitch projects in particular call for special tools. The Loran magnet board, folding stand and line magnifier hold all of your supplies together. Ah, now that’s efficient!

Loran shawl pin closures

Loran Shawl Pins

Fashion & function unite.

Projects that are knitted or crocheted are seasonal favorites. Scarves, wraps and capes continue to be must-have winter accessories – they add flair to even the most basic outfit. Finish off handmade goodies with a new shawl pin closure, and you’re lookin’ good!

Dritz cover buttons

Dritz Cover Buttons

Great with embroidery.

Dritz cover buttons and templates are ideal for use with embroidered fabrics. Think quick and easy cross stitch designs. Think favorite fabric scraps. Think about that old coat or accessory that needs a dash of “wow.” Master the technique here