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50 New Dritz Sewing Items

50 New Dritz Sewing Items

Introducing the latest & greatest Dritz sewing supplies!

Looking for some clever new sewing tools to freshen up your collection of sewing supplies? Or do you have some sewing projects begging for a special fastener? Check out our exciting arsenal of brand new Dritz items – you'll find colorful new elastics, specialty straight pins, and novel tools and fasteners to make your sewing easier and more fashionable.

(Really like the new items shown in the image at the left? Jump right to them here: Seam Fix™ seam ripper, ruched elastic, pearlized heart pins, Twist 'N Select™ needle storage tube.)  

Solutions & innovations for modern sewing.

Dritz suspender mitten clips and slide adjusters

Suspender Clips & Slide Adjusters

Dapper, indeed.

Young dudes and mature gents alike will be lookin’ good in DIY suspenders made with new Dritz suspender clips in black or white. New slide adjusters provide the perfect fit for suspenders (and other straps). They work with 1” fabric, elastic or webbing.  

New Dritz ruched, ruffled and FOE elastic


Ruched, ruffled & FOE.

Wow! Still a lot of crafting going on with elastics! New ruched elastic has soft, romantic pleating and is available in 9 colors. We’ve rounded out our range of FOE and ruffled elastics with new colors, too. Need ideas? Our blog is loaded with elastics inspiration – you’ll find loads of projects, usage tips and more.

Dritz straight pins

Straight Pins

For specialty DIY & crafts.

New Dritz straight pins have specific purposes for specialty DIY endeavors. You’ll use map pins for pin art or commemorating travel. Petite pearlized pins have short shafts for floral crafts. Long pearlized pins and heart pearlized pins address general sewing needs, while being just plain pretty. Our blog shows these new pins in use.

Dritz tab closures

Tab Closures

Fab fasteners.

If you’re making your own garments or accessories, don’t they deserve special fasteners? Our new tab closures (in brown and black) add just the details you need – they’re unique and on-trend! Our blog shows you how to sew them on using a sewing machine and clear thread