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Celebrate Needlecraft

Loran embroidery tools and Dritz cover buttons

Fresh and modern is the name of the game.

Now is the time for needlecraft! There is so much going on in the world of needle and thread – isn’t it exciting? Popular embroidery designs are clean and colorful, with simple stitches that are easy to master. Traditional techniques are married with modern colors and fibers to create the perfect aesthetic. Our stable of Loran stitchery tools provides organization, innovation and comfort while you stitch.   

Are you in love yet?

Loran needle puller

Loran Needle Puller

That feels good.

Our new needle puller pulls and grips needles keeping your fingers and/or thumb comfy. There are two pullers per package, so you can find the combination that works best for you (wear on finger or thumb only, or wear both simultaneously). What a relief!

Loran magent board

Loran Magnet Board

Create a better work space.

It’s more fun to stitch when you have a work space that is organized. Counted cross stitch projects in particular call for special tools. The Loran magnet board, folding stand and line magnifier hold all of your supplies together. Ah, now that’s efficient!

Loran shawl pin closures

Loran Shawl Pins

Fashion & function unite.

Projects that are knitted or crocheted are seasonal favorites. Scarves, wraps and capes continue to be must-have winter accessories – they add flair to even the most basic outfit. Finish off handmade goodies with a new shawl pin closure, and you’re lookin’ good!

Dritz cover buttons

Dritz Cover Buttons

Great with embroidery.

Dritz cover buttons and templates are ideal for use with embroidered fabrics. Think quick and easy cross stitch designs. Think favorite fabric scraps. Think about that old coat or accessory that needs a dash of “wow.” Master the technique here