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Dressforms: New Products, New Tutorials

Dritz Dressforms - several styles for garment sewing

Just in time for Christmas giving – or receiving.

They’re a hot ticket this time of year – Dritz® Dressforms. Why? If you sew garments, a dressform is indispensable – after all, it’s pretty difficult to design or fit clothing without one. Luckily, we have several styles of Dritz® dressforms for you.

Our new Lady Valet forms are perfect to display; you’ll use our Little Miss My Double child-sized form when sewing kids’ clothing.

Three new tutorials answer all of your questions related to dressforms: we’ll teach you how to choose, use, pad and cover them.  

Oh, Santa, I promise I’ve been good.

Joy DIY wall hanging made with Dritz sewing supplies

Seasonal Wall Hanging

Oh joy! Get festive.

Dritz® cable cord and foldover braid trim are the unexpected materials you’ll use to make this holiday wall hanging. Get creative with other words or sayings and you can enjoy the art all year long. What fun!

Sew Adorkable TRAWRzers PJ pants

Cozy PJs

Wear ‘em Christmas morning.

We love these pants. They’re called TRAWRzers and we made ours using Dritz® waistband elastic. You can make the pants from your favorite pattern or add the scales to a store-bought pair.  Genius.

Dritz Quilting twill tape labels - perfect for giving handmade

Twill Tape Labels

It's a wrap.

Is your gift handmade? Make sure the lucky recipient knows it! Dritz® twill tape labels proudly announce that this gift is “created for you” or “made with love.” 

Dritz Sewing Basket with sewing supplies

Sewing Baskets

A really nice gift.

Yes, sewing baskets do make the perfect gift – and we’ve got several new ones for you. Grab one and load it with some sewing notions and you’re good to go. Best gift ever! (You’re welcome.)