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Sashiko Gold Eye Needles Item #: 40091

LoRan Sashiko Gold Eye Needles


This LoRanĀ® Sashiko gold eye needles set includes hand needles for use in Sashiko stitching, which is a form of decorative reinforcement stitching from Japan used for beauty and function. 

  • Needles have long eyes for easy threading
  • A smooth even shaft makes uniform holes and aids in even stitching
  • Short needles are used for stitching curves and long needles are used for straight stitching
  • Traditionally blue cloth and white thread are used for Sashiko stitching, but the art of Sashiko is used today to embellish fabrics using a variety of colored threads
  • Package contains 4 short needles and 6 long needles in a variety of sizes


10 pc
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