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NEW 60" Tape Measure Item #: 11149

Dritz 60" Tape Measure


The Dritz® 60” tape measure is a must-have sewing tool for sewists and quilters, used for measuring fabrics and other materials for sewing and quilting projects.

  • Non-stretch, reinforced fiberglass
  • Metric on reverse side
  • Also ideal for general household measuring projects
  • Offered in 6 colors, each sold separately
5/8 in x 60 in (1.58 cm x 1.52 m)
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WARNING: This product contains lead and other chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm.

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Your personal measurements make you unique. Knowing what they are will help you sew or choose clothing that fits better (no more baggy butts). You’ll feel better, too (no more binding waistlines)! Learn how to take a variety of body measurements using this guide and a standard 60" tape measure.