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NEW Heat Erase Marking Pens Item #: 3364

Dritz Quilting Heat Erase Marking Pens


Dritz Quilting heat erase marking pens are marking tools used during the quilting process; to erase marks, apply heat.

  • Easy to use with a household iron
  • Set contains 5 pens: white, red, green, blue, black



5 pc
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1.    Mark fabric with pen wherever stitching is desired.

2.    Machine or hand stitch over marked lines with thread or floss.

3.    Once stitching is completed, glide hot iron over any remaining visible marks to remove them. Heat iron to appropriate temperature for fabric being used.

NOTE: Always test on small piece of fabric or inconspicuous area before marking project to make sure ink removes to your satisfaction.

Usage tips:

·         Store at room temperature, cap end down.

·         Any heat source can erase the markings. Do not use on important documents.

·         Ink may re-appear if exposed to temperatures under 23 degrees Fahrenheit. Be cautious when using on projects that will travel in cold water.

·         Only way to completely remove ink is with water.