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Easy Quilting Start to Finish Item #: 3358

Dritz Quilting Easy Quilting Kit Start To Finish


Dritz Easy Quilting Start to Finish is a beginner quilting set including a project book and the essential tools needed to teach yourself to quilt.

  • The 36-pg., full-color project book includes a quilting glossary, step-by-step imagery of quilt making basics, and instructions for 7 beginner projects
  • Use the 45 mm rotary cutter for precision cutting; it is suitable for right-or- left-handed use
  • The 4” x 10” acrylic gridded ruler is designed for accuracy
  • The quilter’s marking pencil is used for indicating important locations on your fabric, or for drawing quilting designs on your pieced quilt top
  • The quilter’s glass head pins are long, thin and very sharp straight pins that will not leave holes in fabric; kit contains 80 pins
  • The quilter’s hand needles are used for hand sewing, hand quilting and fine stitching; kit contains 9 needles



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Note: Omnigrid® and most other 45mm replacement blades can be used with the Dritz® Easy Quilting Start to Finish rotary cutter.

WARNING: Use extreme caution when handling rotary blades. It will be very sharp. Keep blades away from children.