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Cover Button Templates Item #: 212


  • Templates allow you to center, trace and cut specific designs for cover buttons
  • Clear
  • Sizes:
    • 1/2 in (1.3 cm)
    • 5/8 in (1.6 cm)
    • 3/4 in (1.9 cm)
    • 7/8 in (2.2 cm)
    • 1-1/8 in (2.8 cm)
    • 1-1/2 in (3.8 cm)
    • 1-7/8 in (4.8 cm)

Patent No. US 9,364,049 B2

Item Number: 


  1. Select the template that matches the size of your button and remove from the ring.
  2. Place the template on fabric and use the inside window of the template to line up the desired image.
  3. Trace around the outside of the template, and then cut out circle.
  4. Cover the button following instructions on the cover button package.

TIP: Carry your templates with you to the store, so you can quickly check the fabric design and button size before purchasing the fabric.

How-To Videos, Tutorials & Projects

Cover Buttons, How to Use

Cover Buttons, How to Use

This tutorial shows how to use a Dritz® template to center a fabric design on a cover button. While you may not always have a design that begs to be centered, the templates still offer you an exact size circle to trace and cut. Just the right amount of fabric to be tucked into the button shell. And we all want the process to be as easy as possible, don’t we?