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Hummingbird Needle Threader Item #: 270

Dritz Hummingbird Needle Threader


This DritzĀ® hummingbird needle threader is an indispensable, multi-feature sewing tool that is used to thread hand sewing needles quickly and easily.

  • Easy-to-hold; needle threader has indented profile for finger placement and gripping
  • Beak swings upward to expose wire, and then swings downward to protect for storage
  • Small lanyard hole in top of wing can be used for inserting cord or string
  • Suitable for most hand sewing needles with the exception of beading needles
  • Decorative hummingbird shape
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  1. Lift wire cover and rotate towards back of threader.
  2. Insert wire into eye of needle and slide needle to back of wire.
  3. Loop thread over wire and slide down into groove.
  4. Hold thread taut with fingers. Grasp needle and pull wire out of needle.
  5. Cut thread with cutter; rotate cover back over wire.

Sharp point. Keep away from children.